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3 new ways for IT to keep the business flying - Introducing HP Operations Analytics at HP Discover

3 new ways for IT to keep the business flying - Introducing HP Operations Analytics at HP Discover



As someone responsible for that new mobile banking application, wouldn’t it be great to quickly determine what’s wrong before too many users are impacted?


The truth is that those same users that use your banking application are probably using all sorts of devices; invoking many different technologies when they access the service in question. So how can IT ensure the service is functioning properly, if all those components aren’t even monitored?


At HP Software we developed a brand new solution to help you – HP Operations Analytics. It's already starting to make waves with subject matter experts and customers who feel it strongly complements existing, more deterministic, management solutions like HP BSM.


Here’s what Dennis Drogseth of EMA has to say about it


“As both a platform and a vision, HP Operations Analytics offers a highly modular and adaptive approach to tackling new and even unforeseen problem sets. HP’s introduction of Operations Analytics has all the makings of a visionary industry event.”


Let's take a closer look at the three new capabilities that come with HP Operations Analytics.


IT Search – What do we do when we want to find something these days ? We use or and nearly all of us use a search engine on a daily basis. IT search means anyone can exploit powerful search capabilities to rapidly bring the most pertinent IT Management information to their attention, much like a google search is used for similar purposes, it’s that simple.


 Neutron Dashboard 2.png



Guided Troubleshooting – “Boldly go where no man has gone before". We certainly are not afraid to go places these days, and we have GPS apps and devices to ensure we get there. They guide us to make sure we get to the correct destination. This is exactly what HP Operations Analytics does. It  uses BigData techniques to perform advanced analytics and find to root cause of problems with lightning fast speed.




Visual Analytics– “ A picture tells a thousand words”.  The business analyst guys have fancy graphics telling them the state of their business in a jiffy. Now people in IT can have the same luxury with HP Operations Analytics heat charts, radiation graphs and others exploit analytics to show issues in ways never before exploited.


 Banking App Use Case 010613.png




 HP Operations Analytics innovates by coupling the collection of multiple necessary data sets with advanced Big Data technology based analytics. These three new capabilities provide BigData Analytics for the new Style of IT Management.


With HP Operations Analytics and HP BSM Solutions for Predictive Analytics like HP Service Health Analyzer, and advanced event correlation with HP Operations Manager i, we’re defining the new Style of IT Management.


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