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3 great ways to keep tabs on operations: OMi Mobile Mini apps save the day

3 great ways to keep tabs on operations: OMi Mobile Mini apps save the day


Guest post by Klaus Baumecker

Applications Software Architect


Let's assume that you are the head of IT operations in charge of monitoring large rollouts or on-boarding scenarios. Have you ever wanted to take a break from watching the event console or dashboard to go get a coffee? Or even better, do you dream of walking across the street and relaxing for a few minutes in a non-office environment surrounded by nice music.


Now you can make your dreams a reality and actually step away.  This is all possible with the Operations Manager i (OMi) mobility solution powered by HP-Anywhere.


You say that you aren’t familiar with the OMi mini-app solution? Well, it's available now for you to install. Actually there are three ways for you to access with versions for iOS, Android and similar features in Quick Access for Windows 8.

You can also download the full OMi ipack here.


But how can it help you?


The OMi mini-app bundles a very useful set of features that are usable on a small screen of your phone or tablet. The real power comes from the fact, that the OMi mini-app allows you to take action the moment you see the problem—right at your fingertips. Let me show you what you can now do while enjoying your espresso…


The OMi mini-app comes with two basic views: dashboard and events.


Let's start with the dashboard view.


On the phone and table you can have the same OMi dashboard experience as you have on the OMi desktop UI. Depending on the device type you use, the available space might be different depending on the size of the desktop screen. But you can freely design new dashboards for phone or tablet with the OMi dashboard designer. Simply create a new or adjust an existing dashboard and edit the dashboard purpose. Add PHONE and/or TABLET purpose to it and you're ready to go. The marked dashboards are immediately available to be selectable in the OMi mini-app. Once you've picked a dashboard, the mini-app shows you an identical dashboard in layout and content. Dashboards update themselves automatically with the most current event status information.


But that's not all. You can even interact with the dashboard. Simply tap on a widget and you get moved to the event view (described below). There you see the list of events that contributed to the status of the tapped widget, constraint by the filter configured for that widget.


And since mobile means fast, there is a nice shortcut available. Instead of switching back and forth between dashboard and filtered event list, simply tap the button on top of the event list and a list of the names of all visible widgets pops up.




Tapping a widget name has the same effect as tapping a widget on the dashboard view. This allows you to quickly apply a filter that is associated with a dashboard widget.


Here is a screenshot of an example dashboard as shown on an iPad.




 Now coming to the event view; You can browse through all open events with the swipe of your finger.





By tapping on an event you can:

  • Edit basic event properties like status, severity and ownership. This means that while sitting in the café, you can assign a critical event to an expert or a group of specialists to take care.
  • Forward the event to a connected server, such as a ticket system or other service, which can take over control of the selected event
  • Execute tools and actions related to the event. This allows you to remotely initiate scripts to fix the monitored situation with a tap on your device.

 The events view looks like on this screenshot, showing the general event properties:



Bottom line, the dashboard shows you immediately where to pay attention and to identify issues. The event view gives you the ability to act—wherever you are.


Let’s look back at the initial question on how to enable your OMi to work with the mini-app.


First, get HP Anywhere. Information can be found here. The OMi mini-app is available for version 9, we’ll support version 10 in the future.


The mini-app can be installed using HP's Live Network, which is built into HP-Anywhere. To get more detailed information about the OMi mini-app, its use and configuration, please check out the corresponding HP Live Network page.


Did I mention that the OMi mini-app is free of charge?


As you can see in this image, support for Windows 8 devices exists too with HP Quick Access. You can install this app directly from the Microsoft app store  onto your Windows 8 desktop, laptop or a tablet like the HP ElitePad, which is an ideal way to keep on top of every incident  See our other blog post here for details.








HP OMi is a core product in the HP Operations Bridge, a powerful BSM solution that ensures IT Operations is always focused on what matters to the business.




Now you're all set to make OMi a new mobile experience and start enjoying the coffee shop across the street.  Have fun.







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