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3 data sources into one solution: Transform to a single pane of glass using DO iT WiSE connectors

3 data sources into one solution: Transform to a single pane of glass using DO iT WiSE connectors


The following is a guest blog created by and published for Idan Harel and Nikolay Patrikov of DO iT WiSE.

Want to make a real single pane of glass using Operations Bridge? Let DO iT WiSE show you how.

Many of our customers start from the same basic fundamental request: “Help our operations team accelerate triage and find a problem as soon as it happens.”

Of course, finding a simple solution for that is tricky, since it requires alignment of processes, people and tools. However, once you’ve aligned them, wouldn’t you like to have the best integration platform available?

Indeed, this is why we recommend to our customers to use the HPE Operations Bridge solution. It provides the best platform for a single pane of glass event management console.

But what happens when you need to integrate additional 3rd party data sources to your solution?


One main area  of expertise at DO iT WiSE  is creating connectors. You may ask why do you need a connector, what business value does it have, is it an improvement or a complication to your existing enterprise?

The purpose of integrations is to bring all the information to a Single Pane Of Glass (SPOG). This way you can monitor and control everything from just one console! All the valuable data will be there, in front of you, and in real time. Amazing, isn’t it?


When we talk about integrations, we need to mention three very important terms – topology, metrics and events.

The topology is the backbone of the enterprise – the infrastructure, business services, all the relationships between them, etc. So topology turns to be a pretty important thing therefore if you want successful monitoring, you should make sure you have a meaningful one.

The metrics are a key indicator of performance. No matter if it is a CPU utilization metric or calculated impact on a business service, they cannot simply be ignored. How to utilize them? Analyze the metrics, search for anomalies, detect the problem before it even appears.

The events are also fundamental – they can just notify or create an incident … or even trigger automated actions. Setting the right alarms is always very helpful in problem isolation. Fortunately our connectors cover all the three of them!

Your network infrastructure and links are discovered by Solarwinds? No problem! We will deliver them to the HPE Operations Bridge where you can use this topology for Topology Based Event Correlation (TBEC).

Or maybe you want to trigger an event and then open an incident if DynaTrace discovers a slow transaction? Easily done! Manually or automatically – we provide it to you.

With our connectors you receive all the benefits of processing multi-source data by a system with infinite potential like the HPE Operations Bridge!

In case the written above attracted your interest, we feel bound to inform you of the integrations that we currently support:

  • ServiceNow Incident & Change Management
  • dynaTrace APM & DC RUM
  • Solarwinds NPM & SAM
  • NewRelic
  • AppDynamics

But let’s see it in action! Watch the video below and you will see our Solarwinds NPM and ServiceNow integrations working together with the HPE Operations Bridge.


Okay, but the word integration sounds complicated!

Luckily we did the hard part – research, development and best practices, so for you it only remains to deploy the connector in your environment and everything is done.



Much easier than it seems at first, right? Then you just point the data that you want to see in HPE Operations Bridge and in a moment it is there.


Do you want to learn more? Please join us as we present one of numerous similar sessions focused on next generation operations monitoring, at the HPE EMEA Customer Forum in Berlin, May 11th-13th.

Our session is “Best Practices for 3rd party integrations with HP BSM/OMi/OpsA” or drop us an email at

You can see more details in this blog and enroll here or click on the image below:


The OM-to-OpsBridge evolution program including license exchange details is live. Search on the tag OM2OpsBridge to find blogs discussing this program and evolution to OpsBridge. Search on OMiContent for other blogs on management packs and connectors.

Try OMi now! OMi 10.10 comes pre-loaded with a number of Management Packs that you can try out without the hassle of getting management pack software or evaluation license.

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 You can also see demonstrations and find out more details of this and other features of our HPE Operations Bridge solution in our sessions and at our booths during HPE Discover Las Vegas. Click on the image below or here to register.


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