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cluster support for asset manager 9.4

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cluster support for asset manager 9.4

hi team,


pls tell me does asset manager 9.4 support clusterisation or not ?




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Re: cluster support for asset manager 9.4

Hi Ankita,


Asset Manager is a standalone application; it is not cluster aware; instead it can be hosted on a platform that ensures high availability. Critical components in terms of availability are:

  • Asset Manager Database
  • Automated Process Manager
  • Web Services and Web Tier serves


Database should be considered first to be protected from single point of failure. Oracle has High Availability feature; I guess MS Sql server does not. However, it can be hosted on MS cluster; failover cluster supposed to be an optimum solution. The cluster itself should take care of the application; nothing need to be configured at the application level. The whitepaper “HP Asset Manager Asset Manager® 5.x High Availability Guidelines” gives you a direction. The document is available under doc\white_papers folder of Asset Manager installation directory, e.g. C:\Program Files\HP\Asset Manager 9.31 en\doc\white_papers.


The other two components can be hosted on standalone server with reliable hardware. The server hosting Web Services and Web Tier need to have better resources.


One more point: A physical server always gives better performance compared to a virtual one with same resources.


Please let us know if you have further queries.


Ranjan Bhattacharya

HP Software Support

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Re: cluster support for asset manager 9.4

Please tell me how to configure cluster modes in Asset manager for web and windows client?

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Re: cluster support for asset manager 9.4

There is no cluster mode in Asset Manager. Any clustering you do is outside of AM, and must be configured there.

Jason Dowd
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