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Purchase Order question... (error message)

Jason Conner
Trusted Contributor.

Purchase Order question... (error message)

Im getting the following error when I try to do a test Purchase Order and attempt to Issue it:

2010/04/16 12:33:0.000 0 1 [Thrd#:5656](0) Model 'AccessData - All Access Pass - 1Yr Training (immixGroup)' has no unit of use, yet the reference 'AccessData All Access Pass, 1yr Unlimited' is ordered in batches of ''.
2010/04/16 12:33:0.000 0 1 [Thrd#:5656](0) Agent 'CReqLineOrderedQtyAgent' returned error : '16384'
2010/04/16 12:33:0.000 0 1 [Thrd#:5656](0) Unable to modify 'PO000012 IMMIX Technology (FY09-061 Forensics Software Tool test)' in table 'Orders (amPOrder)'.
Bruce Clare
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Re: Purchase Order question... (error message)

Seems like an error in your product catalog. Either add a unit of use to the model record (say "each") or remove the ordering unit (appears to be an empty string) from the cat ref. There may be a checkbox on the cat ref, or maybe quantities were specified for reorder points, causing the UOU to be referenced. Maybe setting the batch size in the cat ref to 0 (zero) would work.

Someone with more AC/AM expertise may be able to fill in more details. I'm just going by the error messages.