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Different languages in AM navigation bar (Windows- and Web-Client)

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Different languages in AM navigation bar (Windows- and Web-Client)

Hi all,


I have implemented on customer side Asset Manager 9.40 Build 10505 with 2 languages, German and English.


The functional domains are named in German, because of the main language is German.


Is there any possibility to display the functional domains in the navigation bar in another language than German?


I have the same problem with the web client.


The customer said, that this behavior (German navigation bar in an English client) is not acceptable!!!





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Re: Different languages in AM navigation bar (Windows- and Web-Client)


Some of the graphical interface objects can be in one language only, and the functional domains is one of them. 


Administration guide Chapter 5: "Creating, modifying and deleting an Asset Manager database" gives a clear explanation of which interface objects can be multi-lingual, and which cannot.


Here's an excerpt:


Some objects are displayed in the language of Asset Manager Application Designer that is used to create the Asset Manager database structure. These include out-of-the-box infrastructure and line-of-business records (if imported):

  • Tip of the day
  • Navigation tree branch nodes (Functional domains)
  • Wizard titles, messages, and labels
  • Workflows
  • Calculated fields
  • Queries
  • Records in the demonstration database

How to insert these objects to the Asset Manager database:
Use the Create database menu of Asset Manager Application Designer

Only one language of these objects could exist in the database - the language of the Asset Manager Application Designer used to create the database structure (or import line-of-business data).


Note: Due to this limitation, some interface objects such as navigation tree branch nodes (functional domains) or text in wizards are always displayed in a specific language, no matter the language of the client program.



You can customize the Name field values of the Functional Domains though.  Perhaps you could add both languages there, but German AM Client/Web client and English AM client/web client would have to share the same Name for all Functional Domains.


Thank you,


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