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9.4 release notes question

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9.4 release notes question


Actually the 9.4 release notes to me dont make any sense. it references 9.3 and 9.4 in the same set of instructions


amdbal -upgradescreens:<Name of the 9.32-format production database>;<pas

sword of the Asset Manager Admin login>;<location of the Asset Manager in

stallation folder>


<Name of the 9.40-format production database> is the name as it appears in the

Manage connections

dialog displayed by the File/Connect to database menu of the

Asset Manager Windows client.

And where

<password of Admin> is the password of the Admin user used to connect to

the 9.40-format production database. For example:

amdbal -upgradescreens:AM93;anypassword;"C:\Program Files\HP\Asset Manage

r 9.32 en"

7. Relaunch the external programs that access the

9.40-format production database