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How to modify the Application Management (edit)

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How to modify the Application Management (edit)

Currently, I'm implementing a POC on Performance Anywhere.
I am confronted with several problems related to licenses.
1 / Scenari & Transaction
this POC included 4 applications:
- 2 scenarios with 3 transactions
- 2 scenarios with 2 transactions
3 / Licenses
So I'm limited by this Locations Licences
I actually reaches the limits of the license (12/12 Publics - 3/3 Private)
Could we increase the number of these Locations licences ?
- 20 publics locations
4 / and other fonctionnal and technical issue
With these license limits, I want to update these monitors on each application.
But it's impossible to update (modify with the Edit button)
We have collected a lot of metrics since few weeks for these applications, I wouldn't like to remove these monitors.


How to modify the  Application Management (edit) ? (the field is disable)

What is the solution?



Occasional Contributor

Re: How to modify the Application Management (edit)



Since you have reached the license limits for beta, the application Management is blocked for editing. In order to enable it, you should disable one or more of the existing monitors.


As for the request to extend license - we will contact you directly to discuss the options.



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event