HPE Performance Anywhere: Release Notes
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Performance Anywhere release 1.15 is now available!


Performance Anywhere release 1.15 is now available!

What’s New in HP Performance Anywhere 1.15


HP Performance Anywhere version 1.15 introduces the following additional enhancements: brand new interface for problem isolation, improved script recorder, and overall quality improvements.


New Isolation Page:

  • The new isolation page layout includes  increased functionality for clear problem isolation:
    • Holistic overview that displays the following:
      • Transactions overtime view that presents a comparative analysis against the baseline and static thresholds.
      • Related alerts.
  • Review of proposed top causes and their correlated metrics.
  • Automatic correlation of business metrics to infrastructure.

Script Recorder Enhancements:

  • Upgraded TruClient Script Recorder that provides the following improvements:
    • Recording mobile scripts
    • Recording in Internet Explorer


Upgraded Private Location:

  • Upgrade private location to latest HP Business Process Monitor version 9.22.


Quality Improvements:

  • There are overall application quality improvements in this version.



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