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Performance Anywhere 1st release is now available!

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Performance Anywhere 1st release is now available!

The 1st release of Performance Anywhere is now available with the following capabilities:


- Synthetic End User monitoring with off-premise & on-premise locations.

- Application Server monitoring (Diagnostics) for Java, .NET and Python apps.

- Automated, self-provisioned management

- Smart Analytics for quick resolution.

- End-to-end view of application health span frontend and backend with application layer analysis.

- Report defects with supporting data for quicker resolution (Integrated with HP ALM/QC or HP Agile Manager).

- Correlate app issues in production with code changes (Integrated with HP ALM/ALI or HP Agile Manager).

- Social Collaboration among operations, development, and test teams.

- Lightweight scripting tool for Easy script creation & maintenance (with HP TruClient).

- Sharing scripts across testing and operations to improve productivity.

- Alerting capabilities for effective problem detection


If you are still not a customer of Performance Anywhere and would like to give it a try, go to: http://www.hp.com/go/PerformanceAnywhere and ask for a free trial

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