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How to view the details of a performance test?

Occasional Advisor

How to view the details of a performance test?

My company is evaluating HP Performance Anywhere as an alternative to Keynote or Gomez.  For each test that is run (data point on the performance graph), this is what I see:


      San Francisco, CA AT&T

      Total available transactions: 4
      OK transactions: 75.00% (3 out of 4)
      Minor transactions: 0.00% (0 out of 4)
      Critical transactions: 25.00% (1 out of 4)
      Status: OK

      Average response time: 6.74 sec


Where can I find the definition of these metrics (e.g. what is meant by "response time" - is that the time it takes to load the page completely, including JavaScript executed after document is complete?)


How can I view the following:


  • Waterfall view - showing the time to load the base page (HTML) and all elements on the page (CSS, JS, images, etc.)
  • The time in which the browser indicates that the document is complete
  • The details related to any error that occured while loading the page (e.g. if there is a missing image, the 404 error and specific reference / element on the page that requested it)


Occasional Advisor

Re: How to view the details of a performance test?

Hi, our Ajax TruClient scripts are replayed at the user level, therefore each Vuser requires a browser instance with loaded DOM and Javascript.

All that information is part of our recording tool documentation, and more, here is a snapshot:



Total Time



Total transaction time (in milliseconds) = JS + Network + Wait

Note: JS + Network or Network + Wait can overlap so, Total Time it might not be the sum of JS + Network + Wait.





our recording tools are very flexible, and you can fail your steps following a specific http response, or see http errors as well in our Error Log report.



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event