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HP Diagnostics java agent confirmation

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HP Diagnostics java agent confirmation

How do I confirm that HP Diagnositics java agents are confirhured and connected properly to HP Performance Anywhere


e.g. the server product had a feature to confirm the connection, however could find a similar function in Anywhere.


How much transaction does a trial version of HP Performance Anywhere has?

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Re: HP Diagnostics java agent confirmation

When you run the agent setup, the setup wizard has a Validate button – this will tell you if the agent is able to successfully establish a server connection, and that the password, server and tenant information you entered is correct.     


You can also run the  ‘runTestProbe.cmd’ in the agent bin directory as a way to verify basic connectivity - it will pump in some test data which should be visible in the UI.


The default trial license for the Diagnostics part of Performance Anywhere is 2 hosts.

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Re: HP Diagnostics java agent confirmation

The ‘runTestProbe.cmd’ after having the variables set fails to run on linux with errors


During the setup.sh run what is the value of port that is to be assigned


PLEASE INPUT-> Diagnostics Server Name [060fdiagrp.saas.hp.com]:
PLEASE INPUT-> Diagnostics Server Port [-1]:

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Re: HP Diagnostics java agent confirmation

Are you running the setup.sh from the main <AGENT_HOME> directory?   You should see output similar to the below, it shouldn’t be asking for a port.   Also, just want to confirm you are running with recent Java Agents bits downloaded from the diagnostics download page within PAW?  If you are using an older agent package from the beta program, or on-premise Diag agent bits, that may be the reason you are seeing the unexpected port question – if this is the case, please download the latest PAW agent bits from the download page.




HP Performance Anywhere Diagnostics Agent

Focus: Common Configurations

Progress: 2 of 2


PLEASE INPUT-> Probe Group [Default]:

PLEASE INPUT-> Local Profiler Password [**********]:

PLEASE INPUT (X:Yes, O:No)-> Upload Configuration? [O]:

PLEASE INPUT-> Diagnostics Server []:https://060fdiagrp.saas.hp.com

PLEASE INPUT-> Tenant Identifier []:1234567890

PLEASE INPUT-> Agent Password []:<password>



What is the error you see with runTestProbe?  Note that on linux you should run ‘runTestProbe.sh’, the .cmd extension is for windows.

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Re: HP Diagnostics java agent confirmation

Thanks the setup.sh script from the JavaAgent directory worked. After running the runTestProbe.sh resulted in


/opt/MercuryDiagnostics/JavaAgent /opt/MercuryDiagnostics/JavaAgent/bin
2013-04-25 21:49:00,305 INFO [com.mercury.opal.common.loader]: Loading modules.properties from: /opt/MercuryDiagnostics/JavaAgent/lib/../lib/modules.properties
2013-04-25 21:49:01,176 INFO [security]: SunJSSE SSLManager instance successfully initialized.
2013-04-25 21:49:01,177 INFO [security]: SSLManager for server not initialized; Server HTTPS/SSL support DISABLED
2013-04-25 21:49:01,223 INFO [webserver]: webserver listening on
Diagnostics webserver listening on
HP Diagnostics J2EE Probe 'TestProbe-4', version:
2013-04-25 21:49:05,764 INFO appcritic_control [Metrics Collection] Probe was down for 0
2013-04-25 21:49:06,378 INFO class com.mercury.diagnostics.probe.enterprise.RegistrarCommunication [ServerCommunication] Requesting mediator from commander: https://060fdiagrp.saas.hp.com/202344787
2013-04-25 21:49:07,116 INFO class com.mercury.diagnostics.probe.enterprise.RegistrarCommunication [ServerCommunication] Mediator allocated by commander: https://060fdiagrp.saas.hp.com/202344787
2013-04-25 21:49:07,154 INFO class com.mercury.diagnostics.probe.enterprise.ServerCommunication [ServerCommunication] In dispatcher.properties: changed 'registrar.url' to 'https://060fdiagrp.saas.hp.com/registrar/'.
2013-04-25 21:49:07,185 INFO class com.mercury.diagnostics.probe.enterprise.ServerCommunication [ServerCommunication] In dispatcher.properties: changed 'url.path.prefix' to '202344787'.
2013-04-25 21:49:08,342 INFO class com.mercury.diagnostics.probe.enterprise.RegistrarCommunication [ServerCommunication] registrar.register: success - RemoteHttpComponent@{https://060fdiagrp.saas.hp.com/202344787/registrar}
2013-04-25 21:49:10,044 INFO rhttp [RHTTP downloader (general) 1] RHTTP #1 Successfully downloaded first command (ReverseCommand{destinationOid='TestProbe-4:35004', query='/status/version'}) from /rhttp/in?d=1&oid=TestProbe-4%3A35004
2013-04-25 21:49:10,126 INFO useradmin [RangeSocketListener-0] Using Diagnostics Server (https://060fdiagrp.saas.hp.com/202344787) for user authentication and authorization


Does this mean the java agent probe connected with the Diagnostics server? The Analytics view displays only a simple graph. The license indicates red color (using a trial version) not sure if it is expired or not. Is there a way to extend the trial license

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Re: HP Diagnostics java agent confirmation

Yes, from your output it appears the test probe connected and is working fine.  


Within the UI, from the Applications Overview page, you should see an application called “Entire Enterprise”.    This is the application that all Diagnostics agents (including the test utility) report their data to by default.   If you click the ‘App Server Overview’ button from the Entire Enterprise application, this will bring you into the reports that show your app server specific data.  


From there, click on the ‘View Server Investigation’ link to open the list of all your servers – you should see your test probe there, along with any other application servers you have enabled the agent on. 



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event