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Managing TRIM Org structure with external application?

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Managing TRIM Org structure with external application?

Does anyone have experience with managing the TRIM Organisation Location structure with an external application?

My agency is purchasing a new central identity management tool that will feed into other line of business systems incluidng SharePoint. Ideally, we'd like to leverage that system to update TRIM as well.

I can alrady perceive some issue with this, namely moving units but not their associated records, How possible and effective can this method be for managing TRIM structure?

Greg Fraser_1
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Re: Managing TRIM Org structure with external application?

I am sure that it could be done via an app written through the SDK.


Hopefully one of the guys on the forums with more experience can point you it the right direction.

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Neil Summers
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Re: Managing TRIM Org structure with external application?

You may well find that the TRIM Directory Synchronization (DS) tool is suitable here. It's a (free) utility provided with TRIM that queries any LDAPv3-compliant directory (e.g. Microsoft Active Directory or Novell eDirectory) and populates/updates the TRIM locations list automatically based on mappings you've configured for groups, organisations & people.


Sure, there will be reasons why automation of such a task isn't better than doing it manually. This has always been the case when considering whether you want your TRIM locations automatically created/modified when someone changes something on a whim in the organizational directory, but when used correctly and tested thoroughly it can be quite effective. At the very least you could configure it to do nothing more than automatically create a new user location in TRIM when someone's new to the organisation; leaving the detailed configuration of that location (security, group memberships etc) up to the TRIM administrator.


Some enterprise directory tools can present themselves as an LDAP server (sometimes an optional feature you need to enable). Assuming this is possible with yours, the TRIM DS tool should be able to query it for this purpose.


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