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Long Term Review Alerts

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Long Term Review Alerts

Hi all again,


We are just putting together some prototype builds for some business units we are wanting to extend our implementation to and we are getting some new functionality queries.


The situation is that we want to be able to bring up an email or other alert that indicates when contents of a file requires review (as part of business requirements, not a records or retention and disposal sense). In this case, we have a file for each professional's credentials, that are approved when they first start working. These credentials need to be reviewed every  3 years.


I have read this thread about setting up recurring resubmits which was very helpful. The problem I can see with using those Requests is that it relies on a user (Records Mgt Officer or admin officer) monitoring those requests and having to check them regularly and for that person for move them to the requestor. Also it doesn't seem to allow you to set up a saved search that will let you search record requests for a certain Record Type which may be another work around but still requires people to monitor these requests rather than be automatically notified.


I am really looking for a way to produce an email notification or other type of alert that says something like  "This credentialing file needs to be reviewed" and for that email to be sent out  90 days 'before' the review is due to be completed 3 years after the approval of the credentials.


I have played around a bit with Actions and workflow but neither seem really suited to these long term processes.


So, i am looking for a bit of advice on what would be the best way to set this up? Also, if anyone has come across this situation before, what they did? Could it be done with workflow / actions?


Thanks for the help



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Core Functionality? Experiences Anyone?

Hi Nick,


So I think the essence of what you're trying to do is set a date for review, then an alert to go off at that date.


I am really surprised if this functionality doesn't exist in TRIM, as yet (after many hours of research) I haven't been able to find this functionality in TRIM 7.0.1.


Surely this functionality would be central to a document management product like TRIM. Given that it has been implemented in huge organisations where documents would need to be reviewed on a monthly or yearly basis - I must be missing something.


Has anyone else had experiences in this area?





Sander Hoogwerf
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Re: Core Functionality? Experiences Anyone?

When reading your question the first idea I had was to set up a workflow. Set the activity to 1000 days (3 jears - 90 days) and set up an escalation after 1 day. Set the options so that the e-mail is only sent when there is an escalation and you should be done.

Disadvantage is that these will show up in your trays all time, so when you like a scripting adventure you could set the activity to a dummy location (without escalation), have a daily script complete all these activities when they are expired and have the next activity handle the actual review of the document.


Maybe there are better ways I didn't think of, but this should do the trick.

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Re: Core Functionality? Experiences Anyone?

Why wouldn't an action work?  The ONLY problem with this (and would be for a workflow activity) is that WHO is going to be here in the future (say 5 or 10 years) to respond to the "alert"?


I also recommend that these types of alerts, using action tracking, always be pointed to a domain group email address vs an individual's email address.

Erik Wold
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Re: Long Term Review Alerts

Try using an alert created with the account that needs the email using a criteria like this:


"E-mail when a 'Record Created' event occurs For Records that have a Record Type of 'Pick your Record Type' And Date Due is in the range Today to tomorrow "


That way when the file is created you apply the Date Due (start of review period) and you'll get an email when that date becomes "Tomorrow". 


So ideally, you create the record and you'll get an email when you should review it.

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Re: Long Term Review Alerts

Thanks for all the replies guys!


Ewold, after a bit of experimenting your solution fits our needs the best, with a few tweaks.


For those interested...We added a "Review Date" as an Additional Field for that Record Type which can be filled in when the review date is known. This was required because the records have other actions attached to it, so the Due Date may change. So we set up the alert on those Record Types so that notification was sent when "Review Date" is "Today" to "Today".


This works well though it does raise another interesting discussion point I hope we can go into. I know we can change the email template for certain notifications, but is there a way to for example customise your email template for certain alerts such as this one. I know each event can have it's email template modified but I was wondering if you could go even further and customise the emails for events for different types of records. My initial thought was that you could make better use of the notes field or even create an Additional Field such as 'Alert Notes' for workflow activities, actions and records. Then you would add this field into each template, meaning whatever instructions/ reference info that were entered into your "Alert Notes' for that record / activity would be displayed in the email.


Anyone have any other thoughts or experiences they want to share on this?