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Import Error - Import Rules have been broken

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Tamara Hoagland
Senior Member

Import Error - Import Rules have been broken


I'm trying to import records from our production dataset (6.2.3) into a copy of that dataset which I have upgraded to 7.1.1 (32-bit). As such, there are identical fields, record types, locations, etc. Other than upgrading, I've not made any changes either environment.


When trying to test the import functionality, I can't make it past the field-to-field map screen due to an import error. I've attached a screen shot but will also type out the message for future reference:


"Import rules have been broken: Issue 1: Both 'Next' and 'Previous' part fields cannot be imported. Remedy: Remove either 'Next Part' or 'Previous Part' from your field to field map."


We do not use Parts and I do not have either of these fields on my import file. I removed First Part, just in case, but that didn't help.


I can't figure out why these recs will not import. I'm unsure of what else to do except start deleting each field one at a time then trying to complete the import to see which field is causing the problem. I'm really hoping one of you has seen this issue before and resolved it, so please share any info you may have.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.



Honored Contributor

Re: Import Error - Import Rules have been broken

ok, i replied once but it didn't show up...


Can you post the import file with the names changed to protect the innocent?  Could only be a couple of lines.


Tamara Hoagland
Senior Member

Re: Import Error - Import Rules have been broken

It turns out that the issue was caused by one of our boolean user defined fields. Not sure why, but when this field was removed from the import mapping, the import completed successfully.

Tamara Hoagland
Senior Member

Re: Import Error - Import Rules have been broken

Thanks Guru for your offer to help. Hope all is well with you!!
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