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HPE CM 9.2 Potential Roadmap and expected release date

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HPE CM 9.2 Potential Roadmap and expected release date


Can HPE please do let the wider user community know the expected release date for HPE CM 9.2. There are customers with significant investment in HPE RM and TRIM product who are planning to upgrade and would like to make an informed decisions on upcoming version 9.2 with its new features.

All these years HPE has kept this vital information secret for no reason costing User community financial and resource burden (let's face the truth no version is bug free and HPE support simply ask Users to upgrade to the newer version or new patch level which includes HPE Client push to desktops and Office integration etc. and full cycle of testing) these efforts takes time and money.

With HPE RM / CM being critical business application I believe that User community has right to know this information handy and inadvance to plan things properly. I would appreciate response from HPE Product or Management team to address this and provide some clarity on HPE CM 9.2 roadmap and expected timeline. Thanks in advance.