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Classifications Renamed in RM8?

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Classifications Renamed in RM8?



In my installation of RM8 I noticed that Classifications are now referred to as Categories, at least in the menu system and other areas.  Yet in the caption editor (and SDK) it's still listed as Classifications.  Anyone from HP know if this a long-term goal to rebrand the concept?


I'm on the fence whether I like it.  Mostly just because of the years of calling it classifications.  Similar changes have been made to levels, caveats, parts, etc.



Helen Barnes
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Re: Classifications Renamed in RM8?

Hey Eric


There has been some terminology changes in HP RM 8.0 to suit some of the Markets requirements (so as requested by Customers).  Depending on your default language (e.g.. English (US), you may see some differences, like Classifications = Categories; Security Caveats = Supplemental Markings; Security Levels = Security Classifications etc. (there is a blurb in the HP RM 8.0 Release Notes that has a table of the changes; it is also in the Help File). 


You can also set regardless of your client language.  It's a  system option on the Compliance tab "Records Management Terminology".  You can select between "TRIM Classic" and "US Common".


But you probably already know that...


So onto your question, the language wasn't changed in the SDK etc., the word is that it's unlikely things like that will change in the SDK (but of course never say never!)


The caption editor is a good pick-up.  I've confirmed with R&D and they've indicated it's likely a defect; whichever RM terminology you've selected, it should be reflected throughout the product.  I'll be going through the product to have a better look at this (if you see any more feel free to send me a private message or e-mail).  So (as always), thank you for your feedback.


I hope this answers your question, let me know if you have anything you would like confirmed.


Kindest regards


Helen :)

Helen Barnes
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Re: Classifications Renamed in RM8?

Great, thanks for the response.  Makes sense!  I figured the SDK wouldn't change cause then I'd have a lot of code to rewrite.  Though was surprised by the caption editor.


Thanks again!

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