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AFDA Express Import File

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AFDA Express Import File

Hi Everyone,


I've had a few clients ask me for an import file for the new National Archives of Australia AFDA Express. The NAA are only providing a subset of import files these days so a client has kindly donated their TRIM Context 6R2 AFDA Express schedule import file for public consumption.


Attached to this post is a tab delimited text file which can be imported using TRIMPort. I have tested it on 6R2 and HP TRIM 7.  The NAA website has more documentation on how to map the existing AFDA to these new schedules, they should be your point of reference for how to remap (or what to remap).


The file is provided AS IS and posted here so that the community can post updates or changes.


If you have questions on how to import these into TRIM, TRIMPort or other functions feel free to start another thread or register a support call.






PS. Feel free to hit the Kudos button if you end up using this

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Re: AFDA Express Import File

Hey there Clinton,


Many thanks for the attachment.  I am quite interested in looking at investigating getting the AFDA Express schedules loaded onto our Agency's Context system.


How have you set up these schedules on your system?  Have they been organised into the Busines Activities as found within AFDA - ie merged with the AFDA - or are they separate?  Does your Agency have a RDA and what type of procedures have you set up in regards to what takes precedence - I assume the RDA has it over the AFDA/AFDA Express.


Any other discussion you can provide regarding your Agency's implementation of the AFDA Express would be keenly read.