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64 bit TRIM Rich / Thick Client - Existence Likely?

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64 bit TRIM Rich / Thick Client - Existence Likely?

Are there any rumors about the likelihood of a 64 bit thick client for TRIM 7?


Would anyone care to speculate if the performance gains at the client side would warrant development of a 64 bit version for Windows 7?

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Re: 64 bit TRIM Rich / Thick Client - Existence Likely?

Hi kimonworkbox,


I'll have a crack at your second question. I'd dare say none.


Building a 64bit version of any application removes the memory limitation of the 32bit address space.


The TRIM Client is not a memory intensive application, so building a version of TRIM that could use more memory if it needed it would seem an exercise with no benefit. Wouldn't you agree? Maybe if TRIM gets a bunch of client side processing features that require more memory then there would be a need.


Having said that I think that HP will build one, purely for perception. How many times has the IT guru in your organisation put up a roadblock like "is it 64bit?" with no understanding as to what that means or whether the application would even use it?



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Re: 64 bit TRIM Rich / Thick Client - Existence Likely?

It's not only memory that requires a 64-bit TRIM version. It's for features like Excel 2010 x64 TRIM integration, Windows Explorer x64 Shell integration that (at least some parts of) the TRIM client should become available in 64-bit. And since HP sales promised support for MS products within 3 months after launch date, the Office 2010 integration should be released 15 september at the latest... On the other hand they didn't deliver the Windows explorer integration for 64-bit versions of XP, Vista and 7 yet. Or a bullet point in the Known Issues is supposed to fill that gap ;-(

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Re: 64 bit TRIM Rich / Thick Client - Existence Likely?

Office 2010 applications in 64 bit have the ability to run 32bit addin's. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee681792.aspx


At the moment your justification for 64 bit TRIM is exactly what I've said above. It has to be 64 bit because everything else is.