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TRIM upgrade with RDBMS change (Oracle 10g -> SQL 2008R2)

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TRIM upgrade with RDBMS change (Oracle 10g -> SQL 2008R2)

Good afternoon,


We are currently in the process of planning a migration from TRIM Upgrade on Oracle 10g to 7.x on SQL 2008 R2. Research to date (and some discussions with various vendors) suggest that the easiest way to undertake this upgrade is to change the RDBMS to SQL 2008 R2 with the current version of TRIM and then follow that up with a straight TRIM -> TRIM 7.x migration.


My understanding is that the TES migration option under tools should be sufficient to migrate existing datasets from one RDBMS to a new platform; provided that the intial database can be confirmed as clean, and perhaps a schema repair on the destination server performed afterwards. Once this has been successfully accomplished, a TRIM upgrade to 7.x using the fresh SQL database should (I assume) be relatively straightforward.


I'd appreciate any thoughts on the above strategy, whether this is the "preferred" methodology to perform a combined TRIM/RDBMS ugprade and/or suggestions on better alternatives.


Please note that the above is just a summary of what is being considered; I'm just interested in thoughts on the overall process. Whatever course of action is ultimately decided upon, I envisage several months of work in DEV and TEST to iron out the exact steps required to safely carry out this upgrade.


Thanks for your time,



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Re: TRIM upgrade with RDBMS change (Oracle 10g -> SQL 2008R2)

Hi Phil, 


Your steps are correct, you can migrate using the TES to move from Oracle > SQL.

You can do this either in 6.2.4 or 7.X.


Another customer I have just been working with went from 6.1.3 Oracle 10G to 7.1.2 SQL 2008 a few weeks ago.

They have managed to get there successfully and didn't require too much prior testing/planning to do this.

(They were going to go to 7.1 with Oracle 10G, but it's not supported, so the decision to go to SQL Server was only made fortnight before the upgrade!)


As I advised these guys, run some migration testing now so you understand the process and you can then check to see if your data migrates cleanly and if any errors come up.




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Re: TRIM upgrade with RDBMS change (Oracle 10g -> SQL 2008R2)

Migrating through TES takes quite a while if you have a large database.

For a ~50GB Oracle database I've once experimented migrating through the SQL Server Data Transformation Services (now replaced by Integration Services) and TES in parallel. By the time DTS was finished (it took just a few hours), TES hadn't even finished exporting TSACCESSCO which was already taking ~20GB of XML files. So if testing shows you cannot finnish in a weekend using TES due to time constraints, then using the database tools is also an option.

But as always, you should test the procedure thouroughly.

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Re: TRIM upgrade with RDBMS change (Oracle 10g -> SQL 2008R2)

Our TRIM database size is roughly 20Gb. As part of a trial test of the data migration process we:


1. Used a 3rd party data migration tool to transfer the oracle data to SQL (excluding all the temp tables etc.)

2. Did a schema repair.


End result was most satisfactory and took about 17 hours to complete on Test hardware.


Note: We did shy away from both TES and SSIS as some individuals advised that both can be time consuming (and in SSIS case, overly complex).


Thanks for all your feedback; it is greatly appreciated.

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Re: TRIM upgrade with RDBMS change (Oracle 10g -> SQL 2008R2)

Can I ask which third-party tool you used?