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Pros/Cons for CheckIn/CheckOut versus "Edit"

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Pros/Cons for CheckIn/CheckOut versus "Edit"

What are the pros and cons to using the Check In/Check Out feature versus the right click and "Edit" feature?

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Re: Pros/Cons for CheckIn/CheckOut versus "Edit"


  • Copies the document to the path specified and leaves it marked as "checked-out" in the database.
  • TRIM will not automatically check-in the document once the authoring application has been closed.
  • Most helpful when the document requires multiple edits, last several hours, or the originating application is in the standard exception list.
  • Don't save to offline records if offline records is hosted on a network share and you want access on your laptop over the weekend


  • Performs a check-out to offline records
  • TRIMWatcher monitors the file and will attempt to automatically check-in once the originating application has released its' lock
  • Most helpful when the document is a Word/Excel and the user tends to go into and out of lots of documents in a day
  • Since check-in is automatic encourage users to not be impatient.  Sometimes it can take 5+ minutes for the document to be checked-in
  • Problems arise when offline records is on a network share







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Re: Pros/Cons for CheckIn/CheckOut versus "Edit"

Thank you!


Re: Pros/Cons for CheckIn/CheckOut versus "Edit"

This is great information.

What kinds of problems arise when offline records is on a network share? Like the records never being checked back in?
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Re: Pros/Cons for CheckIn/CheckOut versus "Edit"



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Tamara Hoagland
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Re: Pros/Cons for CheckIn/CheckOut versus "Edit"

The other major difference between CheckIn/CheckOut vs Edit is that the Edit feature will always create a New Revision of the document while the CheckIn/CheckOut feature will allow users to choose between 1.) Make a New Revision, 2.) Replace the existing record or 3.) Discard all changes.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event