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Outlook Trim addin keeps disapearing

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Outlook Trim addin keeps disapearing


We have users here on laptops that take their laptops home with them.

I like to know is there a way to make the trim outlook addin stop disappearing when a users takes home the laptop and when they come back to the office and connect up their laptop.


Greg Fraser_1
HPE Expert

Re: Outlook Trim addin keeps disapearing

What is the version of TRIM and Office you are running.


Also, are they connecting via VPN when the users connect outside of the office?

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Re: Outlook Trim addin keeps disapearing

Hi Armadale,


There is nothing out-of-the-box that will allow the add-in to automatically re-activate and de-activate when moving from office to home and back.


However you can create a secondary add-in which on the intial loading of Outlook checks if the TRIM server is available.

If it's available, it can activate the HP TRIM Add-in, if unavailable, it can de-activate the HP TRIM Add-in.

You would need to develop this yourself though. (Or contact a TRIM Business Partner / Consultant for help)


It really should be a feature of the default integrations, but HP hasn't done this yet. :)


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Re: Outlook Trim addin keeps disapearing

You're an ideas man Grundy :P
Would likely be better as a startup app so can do all integration pieces at once. Instead of addins that must be loaded into each app.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event