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Office 2013 Integration with TRIM 7.1.2

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Office 2013 Integration with TRIM 7.1.2

We are running TRIM and are considering an upgrade from Office 2007 to Office 2013.  I know that TRIM 7.1 does not officially support Office 2013, but I am required to test their compatibility nonetheless.


So far, I have noticed only minor functionality changes in the test environment but with one glaring, gaping hole:  the TRIM Integration buttons/tab/menu will not seem to appear in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint 2013.  I have confirmed that the integration is activated within TRIM, and confirmed that the add-in is active within the various Office programs, but I cannot seem to get the TRIM addin buttons or menu to show up.  A traditional File > Save As action does not bring up the TRIM cataloging interface either, as it does currently in Office 2007.  I've not found any loss of functionality in Outlook 2013.


Just curious if anyone has tried an "unsupported" version of TRIM with Office 2013?  Or have any ideas what else I might try to access the Office add-in integration interfaces?

Greg Fraser_1
Micro Focus Expert

Re: Office 2013 Integration with TRIM 7.1.2

That is usually what I have heard in the past, that the buttons\toolbars will not function with unsupported versions.


If you really need to run 7.1.2 with Office 2013 the simplest solution is to not use the integration and simply drag and drop into TRIM.

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