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NEW!! Please Read: TRIM Support Customer Forum!

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NEW!! Please Read: TRIM Support Customer Forum!



We have heard requests from our customers to offer support via the community forums. We are starting today with a Support Customer Forum for our HP TRIM  product.   


This forum will only be accessible to those customers & HP Partners who have a valid support contract. This is an additional service for those customers who have a valid support contract on these products.


We have created an automatic process, which will check if there is a valid support contract on logon to the community. It is essential that customers link a valid support contract to their HP Passport profile.


We have attached a document which will explain linking a support contract to an HP Passport profile. 


Expect the following activities in the Support customer forum:


  • Expert sessions on product related topics via short videos and the ability to ask questions related to the specific session ;
  • Tips and tricks;
  • Information which will improve users knowledge of  TRIM
  • Discussions with support experts.

We are also giving customers the possibility to request which activities they would like to see in this forum.  


Our expert team of HP TRIM Engineers will be actively monitoring these forums to answer questions. We encourage customers to try out this method of support rather than placing a telephone call or logging an online ticket.


We do realize there will be situations where a support call is necessary, where we need to do more research. 


However, we are hoping that customers will use this forum to get information or help on HP TRIM Topics. 


As we look to the future, we believe this is a medium where we can provide quick support, share knowledge and help customers use the HP TRIM product to run their businesses optimally.  


We will still be monitoring the existing public TRIM forums, but we will prioritize questions coming into this new forum from our customers that have a support contract.


The prerequisite in accessing this new forum will be a valid support contract. Once a valid support contract is linked a users’ HP Passport account, access to the TRIM Support Customer Forum should be visible.


If access is not granted, please send an email to swcommunity@hp.com and include the valid support contract number along with a company email address and the user’s screen name in the community. 


We hope we can use this forum to build a closer relationship and help build customers’ knowledge on the TRIM Product.  


For more information on our support customer forums and how to add your support agreement ID (SAID) to your HP Passport profile please click here.


For any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask via swcommunity@hp.com  or reply to this post. 




The HP Software Support Team

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Re: NEW!! Please Read: TRIM Support Customer Forum!

So what happens for the HP TRIM non commercial users who do not necessarily have a SAID but contribute in terms of HP TRIM or Records Manager in general...

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Greg Fraser_1
Micro Focus Expert

Re: NEW!! Please Read: TRIM Support Customer Forum!

Hi Ralph, the existing sites will still be monitored and updated.

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