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HP TRIM Document Store 'Deployment Status'

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HP TRIM Document Store 'Deployment Status'



Can anyone provide me with further information on the Document Store 'Deployment Status'?


I know there are three options to choose from:


  • 'Available' (store is available to users);
  • 'No Additions' (closes the store for new items but users can still delete documents from the store); and
  • 'Read Only (closes the store and prevents all changes to the documents in the store).


My query is if a Document Store has the deployment status of 'No Additions', I understand that no new items will go into this document store.  However, what about the revisions of existing items in that document store?  Do they go back into the same document store as the original document or do they get saved into a new doc store with the status of 'Available'?


I've gone through the HP TRIM (and RM8) documentation and cannot find anything further on this.



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Re: HP TRIM Document Store 'Deployment Status'

New electronic objects (including revisions and renditions) will go into the new available store for that record type or core object.
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Re: HP TRIM Document Store 'Deployment Status'

Thanks for the response!  I had a feeling that was the case but just wanted to check with someone else.  :-)

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event