JQ styled options

Jake Burman
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JQ styled options

I’m trying to use <select name="myselect" id="myselect" required data-native-menu="false"> to show styled option lists. When the styled options show on the screen and an item is selected, the ‘go back’ function occurs and reloads the HPA application. Anyone have a work around or suggestion to use styled options?

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Re: JQ styled options

Hi Jack,


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We forward your question to our R&D departmant and we will do our best to get back to you shortly. 


Tamir Verthim



Tamir Verthim
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Re: JQ styled options

Hey Although i still don't know what causes this strange behaviour, here are a couple of options to try that might prevent it: 1. attach a handler to the 'change' event of the list 2. in the handler, you get an object of the event, let's call it 'ev' for now 3. do ev.preventDefault(); 4. do ev.stopPropagation(); 5. do return false from that handler all the above, each desperately and all together tell the browser not to do the default browser behavior, which in your case seem to be a submit. Please let us know if that helped. Thanks Nadav