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How to use cordova in HPA?

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How to use cordova in HPA?

I initially developed an app using Phonegap IDE.
I just finished transferring the HTML, CSS, and JS codes to HPA IDE.
Upon testing at the chrome simulator, the codes seem to work fine.

May I know if we can still use and how to use the cordova library in HPA such as its onDeviceReady, onCreate functions, screen.height?
I used to display splash page using cordova's setIntegerProperty too.


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Re: How to use cordova in HPA?

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Re: How to use cordova in HPA?

You can still use any plugin of PhoneGap

We load version 3.0.0

You can access it via window.parent

For example:


if (window.parent.navigator && window.parent.navigator.camera) {
            flag = true;
            options = {
                quality: 25,
                destinationType: window.parent.Camera.DestinationType.FILE_URI,
                encodingType: window.parent.Camera.EncodingType.JPEG,
                allowEdit: true,
                targetWidth: 640,
                targetHeight: 960,
                correctOrientation: (window.parent.device.platform === 'iOS') ? true : false
            window.parent.navigator.camera.getPicture(success, failure, options);


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Re: How to use cordova in HPA?

Thank you  Efrat!

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Re: How to use cordova in HPA?

I am also getting error  as undefined for

window.parent.navigator.camera.PictureSourceType. It seems to be issue on loading cordova.

http://localhost:8080/WebShell/cordova-2.3.0.js 404 (Not Found)

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Re: How to use cordova in HPA?

window.parent.Camera.PictureSourceType, guess you may need to be aware of case-sensitive of Camera.
Simple is best