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FAQ(20): "This specific model could not be matched. All models will be shown."

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FAQ(20): "This specific model could not be matched. All models will be shown."

Why does SDM display the following dialog box?

"This specific model could not be matched.  All models will be shown."


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Re: FAQ(20): SDM display: "This specific model could not be matched. All models will be shown.

Here are the reasons why SDM is displaying this message:

1) HP Support Download Manager currently only lists Business/Enterprise products.

If your model is not a Business/Enterprise model, we would recommend you visit http://www.hp.com/#Support and enter your model and OS to see which SoftPaqs are available.


Please make sure the correct country where the computer was purchased is showing on the lower left of the page.  If it is not, please click on the name of the country that is currently selected and select the appropriate one.


Once the correct country is selected, please click on "Support & Drivers" on the top of the page and then on "Drivers & Software".  After that, please follow the instructions on the subsequent pages.


2) The operating system or language or both have been changed to an unsupported HP configuration.

If your model is a Business/Enterprise model and have installed an operating system or language that HP does not support for that model, the likely reason for the above message to be displayed is that specific configuration of model and OS could not be matched to a supported configuration.  If this is the case, you can still see SoftPaqs that are available by switching SDM to "All Products" mode and selecting your model and a similar OS and/or similar language.

If you recently have upgraded to Windows 8, please read the following post for more information:


3) SDM was not able to detect an HP business computer because the model detection software component is installed incorrectly.

If you believe that your HP computer is a business/enterprise model, it is possible that SDM is not installed correctly.

Please uninstall SDM, DOWNLOAD SDM FRESH and install it again. For download instructions, please go to FAQ(00).