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FAQ(18): What to do if a SoftPaq does not install?

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FAQ(18): What to do if a SoftPaq does not install?

I have tried several times to have SDM install a specific SoftPaq and it wil not install.  What should I do?

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Re: FAQ(18): What should I do if a SoftPaq does not install?

If you are in SDM Update mode, switch to "Personal" mode by selecting/pressing the "Show This Computer" button on the top of the application.

Next, select  the SoftPaq from the "Downloaded SoftPaqs" list, right-click on it and then select "Install SoftPaq" from the popup menu.

The install will be a "loud" install and you may be prompted for input.  If you accept all defaults, you will perform the same actions of an automated install.


If the SoftPaq(s) still will not install, then you may require additional assistance with your computer.

Please note that the SDM Support Team's expertise only lies with answering technical issues regarding the SDM application and not with individual SoftPaqs.  If there are any errors with an individual SoftPaq, please engage the HP technical support at: http://welcome.hp.com/country/us/en/wwcontact_us.html .