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FAQ(17): NOREBOOT error while installing SoftPaqs with SDM

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FAQ(17): NOREBOOT error while installing SoftPaqs with SDM

While installing, a dialog box titled "ssmain" with the following text


Incorrect syntax or unknown command line parameter: NOREBOOT

Is a trailing colon ( : ) missing?


Why is this happening?


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Re: FAQ(17): Why am I getting a NOREBOOT error while installing SoftPaqs with SDM?

The problem is likely caused by an older version of SSM (HP System Software Manager) than the one bundled with SDM.  To confirm this, look in the root of the C: drive and you should see a directory named SSM.  The directory will have several files, but the one that is of concern is the executable file named ssmmain.exe.  If this is the case, the only recourse to use SDM to install SoftPaqs is to "deactivate" that directory (and that version of SSM) by renaming it to something like SSM_save.  If SSM does not find the C:\SSM directory and does not find the ssmmain.exe in that directory, the SSM version included in SDM will execute normally.  Once you have finished running SDM, we recommend that you rename the C:\SSM_save directory back to C:\SSM.


Note: although “unpacking” SSM to this directory is optional (not required for SSM to work), we do not know what effect it will have on the program that unpacked it to that location.  The only benefit to having SSM unpacked to that directory is the time it saves to unpack it and delete the directory when SSM starts and closes.