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FAQ(09): Multiple versions of a SoftPaq in SDM

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FAQ(09): Multiple versions of a SoftPaq in SDM

Which one should I select? If I select the wrong one, will an older version overwrite a newer version I may already have installed?

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Re: FAQ(09): Why does SDM sometimes show multiple versions of a SoftPaq?

Please note that the explanation below only applies to "Personal" and "Update" modes in SDM or "All Products" mode with only one model, one OS, one language selected and with the Available listview toggled to "Show Latest SoftPaqs".

HP keeps updating SoftPaqs for a great number of models, operating systems and languages for years after initial release and it is sometimes difficult to keep them sorted out. Moreover, SoftPaq support tends to apply to multiple models, but most qualification of said SoftPaqs for different models either happens in stages or the SoftPaqs branch off because of other factors. If an updated SoftPaq is published, but the "branching off" is not "brought back", that could explain some cases where there appear to be more than one version of a SoftPaq.

If you do notice this happening, please write us an email (in SDM, choose "Help - Send Feedback" from the main menu) and give us the SoftPaq numbers involved, computer model, operating system and language where you see the discrepancy.

In regards to the second portion of your question, choose the one with the most recent date (or higher SoftPaq number).

Note: SoftPaqs are designed to not overwrite newer versions and can even be installed on top of itself with no ill effects.