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FAQ(07): Why do SoftPaq downloads stop at 100%?

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FAQ(07): Why do SoftPaq downloads stop at 100%?

When I review my catalog version, I see that I have the latest catalog, which means that SDM was able to download the catalog successfully...

But when I try to download SoftPaqs, they stall at 100% and never continue or allow me to install them. What could be wrong?

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Re: FAQ(07): Why do my SoftPaq downloads stop at 100%?

Note: this problem can be difficult to diagnose and trace.  Please note that the following is the only logical explanation we have found and that, as of today, October, 18, 2010, there has not been one instance where enough sleuthing did not prove us right.

Update: this explanation still holds as of October 31, 2013 and we yet to be presented with any evidence that could contradict our hypothesis.


In our experience, this is probably due to some security software (such as antivirus or firewall) preventing the flushing of the file to disk.

A clue supporting the above hypothesis is that in most cases SDM is able to download the latest catalog, but not SoftPaqs. The catalog is just a compressed file (file extension .zip) with XML file(s) inside, which AV (or security) software are less likely to consider as a risk since these types of files do not execute any code. SoftPaqs, however, are themselves executables (.exe files) and they are sure to be considered a risk and be examined further.


SDM downloads all files with a .tmp extension. However, when the file has finished downloading (100%) it is renamed to what the originating file extension shoudl be. In the case of most SoftPaqs, that extension would be .exe and that type of file operation is intercepted by AV software and it could decide to prevent such action thinking it is protecting the unit.

However, all AV software will differ on what lists of viruses it can detect and what actions/policies it will take, what algorithms it uses to detect such viruses, what category of risk it attaches to a file and what course of action will be taken given that risk category assesment. These differences makes diagnosing these types of problems difficult and makes every problem similar to this one, more or less, unique because of the numerous AV software available in the market.

The code performing the actual download of files is virtually the same. From SDM's standpoint, all downloaded files (regardless of extension) are treated the same. Size would not be something that factors in SDM for download, but could factor in some other software running on the unit. For what reason, we can only guess.

To determine what is causing this, please uninstall the suspect software or replace it with an alternative and try SDM again.


Note: the determining clue that this is a problem on the receiving end is that the download progresses all the way to 100% and then just sits there without completing or timing out.  If this were a connectivity problem, the download would eventually timeout.


Final note: In some extreme cases, network hardware might have firewall and AV capabilities.  We have reports that DSL and cable modems might have firewall and/or AV firmware. This means that this security software might not just be in your computer, but that every "node"  (switches, hubs, wireless access points, etc) should be checked.

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Re: FAQ(07): Why do my SoftPaq downloads stop at 100%?



I have just finished installing a clean 6710b using the original HP OEM XP Pro recovery media (replacement media shipped from HP to me two weeks ago). Running HPSDM and am getting repeated time-outs at 100%. If I hit cancel and retry multiple times eventually the SoftPaq I'm downloading completes. I have the Windows firewall switched off and have unfettered access to the Internet (no proxies or firewalls, other than a simple consumer router, which has no outbound proxy or filtering rules set). Essentially my connection to the Internet couldn't be much more simple. It is also a 10Mbps cable connection.


And yet these SoftPaqs keep on stalling...


I have been an engineer working for almost 10 years with HP systems (from the client side to server systems and everything in between) and in this time I have NEVER had good experiences downloading the HP (and in the really early days Compq) SoftPaqs. I used to download them directly from the FTP site and would experience regular drop-outs and stalls. I have downloaded (and am still downloading) SoftPaqs through several Altiris systems I administer and experience regular stalls.


And yet these SoftPaqs keep on stalling...


When are you guys going to work it out and get your FTP servers fixed?


Almost 10 years and counting and we are still experiencing problems downloading SoftPaqs from your servers. Can't HP just sign up with Akamai or something, you are obviously STILL not getting your own servers working reliably...


Please, please, please fix this...

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Re: FAQ(07): Why do my SoftPaq downloads stop at 100%?

The only cause we have been able to verify of why downloads seem to stop at 100% is provided as the answer to this thread. We have seen no other instances so far where the problem was not some sort of firewall/AV policy restriction at the computer.

With downloads, it is our experience that network problems, which we do witness from time to time, will result in a file download timeout and will be reported by SDM as a download error.  The "hang" at 100%, in our view, would likely be attributed to something on the unit since all the data has been transfered (signalled by the 100% which is reported by the unit as received and not by the server as sent).

Please send us a log file when the above problem happens and it might provide us with clues to what is going on.  From the SDM session where it happens, please select "Help" from the SDM main menu and then select "Provide Feedback to HP" .