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FAQ(03): Can SDM keep my system up-to-date?

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FAQ(03): Can SDM keep my system up-to-date?

It would be great to show what driver/software version is installed and what is being recommended to be update/upgraded.

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Re: FAQ(03): How can I use SDM to keep my system up-to-date?

Yes. SDM "update" mode (introduced with SDM will do just that.

Note: This feature supports only SoftPaqs that have an external CVA file and are SSM-compliant.

To start SDM in "update" mode, select the "Check software update for this model" on the first dialog box after the SDM "splash screen".

If no such dialog box pops up, then the dialog has been disabled, but you can still change SDM to "update" mode (see below).

To change SDM to "update" mode from another mode, just select the "Check for Updates" button on the top toolbar below the SDM main menu.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event