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The community will be in read-only from Tuesday 11:59pm (PST) to Wednesday noon (PST)
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FAQ(02): SDM and passive FTP

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FAQ(02): SDM and passive FTP

Does SDM require passive FTP?
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Re: FAQ(02): SDM and passive FTP

Yes, SDM requires passive FTP. If SDM is encountering the following error (or something simliar) in the SDM log file:

16:40:59 Error: - System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: 227 Entering Passive Mode (15,192,45,22,168,83)

This type of error is generally due to an issue with a firewall (Windows Firewall, another software-based firewall, a router, and/or a modem).

Here is a small checklist of things that need to be verified:

* Please check that your proxy settings are correct. This is especially important if you have a notebook and/or access the internet from several different networks.

* Please check that HP SoftPaq Download Manager has been added to your personal firewall white list as well as to your corporate firewall's white list. A white list is the list of applications allowed to access the internet by the firewall. It is not always apparent when a firewall (hardware or software) denies internet access to an application, so please consult with your network administrator.

* Please check all applicable firewalls (Windows Firewall, any other software-based firewall, router, modem) for settings that may interfere with passive mode FTP.

After reviewing all of the above, please try running the application again.

Finally, alternatively, you may consider trying forcing SDM to use the HTTP protocol.  To learn how to do this, please visit the following link:

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event