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FAQ(01): Solving SDM general connection problems

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FAQ(01): Solving SDM general connection problems

What can I do to get SDM to connect or overcome an "Unexpected Error" or "Initialization Problem"?

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Re: FAQ(01): Solving general connection problems or unexpected errors in HP SoftPaq Download Manager

There is a wide variety of reasons that can cause SDM not to connect or error out unexpectedly. Some reasons also can explain slowness in connections.


If you have been able to use SDM from the same network before...
If you have been able to use SDM from the same network before, chances are that this is an intermittent issue. Please wait 15 minutes and try again. You should be able to connect once either network traffic comes down and/or servers are not so busy.

The reasons for SDM not being able to connect are:

  • Server loads are heavy at this time.
  • Network or server maintenance/repair is being conducted at the time of error.
    NOTE: This can involve any of the following: cabling, hubs, switches, gateways, proxy servers, etc; between your computer and our servers.

In these types of situation, the best approach is to try again at a later time.


If you have not used SDM before...

Please make sure you have the latest network drivers for your computer. If you have an HP computer, please download the network driver SoftPaqs from http://www.hp.com and click on the "Support" link.


If you have not used SDM before, have the latest network drivers but are using an unfamiliar network...

If you have not used SDM before and have the latest network drivers but are using a new or unfamiliar network, please double check that your computer can connect to the Internet before you try SDM. Click here and save the file to your local hard drive. Being able to download the file means that you can connect to our FTP servers.

What other factors can I watch for if I still can't connect?
Following is a list of things to double check on your side:

If you are using a wired network

  • Please check your NIC is working correctly and that your LAN is active.
  • Please make sure you can connect to the Internet by visiting http://www.hp.com.

If you are using a wireless network

  • Please check your wireless NIC is working correctly and that your WLAN is active.
  • Please make sure that you have selected the correct profile for the wireless network and/or have entered the appropriate SSID, protocol (WEP, WPA-TKIP, WPA-AES, WPA2-TKIP, etc) and have entered the correct encryption key password.
  • If you are using an "open" public WiFi access spot, many such services may require a login (possibly using a web browser). Please log in BEFORE you start SDM.

If you are mobile

Please make sure that you are actually connected to the network that you intended to connect to the Internet with. If you are using "free" WiFi, make sure you can access a website and that you are logged in if the wireless connection requires authentication/authorization. If you are connected through a mobile network, make sure you have a good signal to the cell tower. A poor signal may cut in and out and can cause problems.


If using a corporate network:


Network Proxy Settings

SDM uses Passive FTP by default


Using HTTP protocol instead of FTP Protocol

Other general suggestions regarding connectivity:

  • Please check that HP SoftPaq Download Manager has been added to your personal firewall white list as well as to your corporate firewall's white list. A white list is the list of applications (or ports) allowed to access the internet by the firewall. It is not always apparent when a firewall (hardware or software) denies internet access to an application, so please consult with your network administrator. In particular, make sure that passive FTP is allowed through.
  • If working with a non-corporate network, we find that certain DSL and cable modem/routers are equipped with firewall-like software. Please refer to your modem/router software on how to allow SDM access through to the Internet. In particular, make sure that passive FTP is allowed through.
  • Please check that your proxy settings are correctly defined in SDM. This is especially important if you have a notebook and/or access the internet from several different networks.
  • If SDM is using the default proxy settings ("Use Proxy Settings from Microsoft Internet Explorer"), please make sure those are set correctly for FTP if the FTP protocol is being used.
  • If your network requires proxy authentication, please enter your proxy credentials in SDM. If you do not know what they are, please consult with your network administrator or Internet Service Provider.

After reviewing everything in the above list, please make sure you can connect to the Internet by visiting http://www.hp.com/.  To specifically test for FTP connectivity, please make sure you can connect to the Internet, through FTP, by visiting ftp://ftp.hp.com/.


In extreme and rare cases

  • In some limited cases, there may be malfunctioning LSP (Layered Service Provider) software installed on your system that is preventing HP SoftPaq Download Manager from successfully downloading from HP servers. This problem most often manifests itself with an error message in the SDM log that looks like this:

    "System.IO.IOException: Unable to read data from the transport connection: The handle is invalid."

    This type of malfunction most often occurs in file-sharing software, but may also be present in some DVD playing software, other types of file download manager software, or even some antivirus suites (such as Nod32). If none of the other suggestions work for you, then you may want to try uninstalling any file-sharing software from your system to see if that corrects the problem. Also make sure your antivirus suite is updated to the latest version and have the latest virus definitions downloaded. There are also utilities to help inspect your system for this LSP problem, but HP cannot make recommendations on what non-HP software to use. If you search the internet for LSP-Fix, you will find more suggestions.

    After reviewing the above suggestions, please try running the SDM application again. If SDM can connect to our servers, it will automatically upgrade your catalog version whose release date should be no older than 8 days old. You can check the release date by selecting File - Catalog Information from the main menu.
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