Versioning of emails

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Versioning of emails

I recently had a user ask to use versioning on email documents to indicate the "chain" of an email trail. 


I believe that this is not possible, and it probably isnt good or necessary practice.


Are there any settings in TRIM that influence this, or is it hard coded.  You can't version emails (vmbx) even though you can version every other type of document?


Any  thoughts?


Neil Summers
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Re: Versioning of emails

It's always been a rule in TRIM that you can't edit e-mail messages, hence can't make new revisions. I guess if that user really wants to, they could drag & drop the e-mails into TRIM as MSG files from their desktop. This way TRIM should allow them to drag & drop a later message from the thread onto the same record and make a new revision.


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