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Trim 7.3.3/ Outlook 2010 Integration Problem

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Trim 7.3.3/ Outlook 2010 Integration Problem



We recently installed Trim 7.3.3. and we are using Outlook 2010. The issue is Trim is no longer picking up the addressee on the e-mail.  In our e-mail we capture: title, author, and addressee.  Since the upgrade, Trim is no longer capturing the addressee.


Has anyone seen this behavior?





Re: Trim 7.3.3/ Outlook 2010 Integration Problem

Yes, we saw this too.

We discovered that for some reason, v7 picks up email addresses in a different format.

Go to a location, and look at the Electronic Addresses tab.

You will probably find that the address you may have for a particular location is not now the one that TRIM picks up.  Easy way to see if look for the unknown location created for the addressee, and look at the Electronic Addresses tab for that unknown location.

I think we had SMTP addresses under v6, and had to enter the Exchange addresses for v7 to work.


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Greg Fraser_1
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Re: Trim 7.3.3/ Outlook 2010 Integration Problem

Yep, this one has been reported and registered as a known issue:

QCCR2D47994 TRIM in Outlook- Not Capturing Addressee field when cataloguing emails from Outlook


It will be addressed in a later release of TRIM. You can track the QCCR number on the SSO website:

Select the Self Solve Tab.

Login using HP Passport.

Enter the number “QCCR2D#####” into the Enter Keyword(s) field at top.

At the bottom of the window tick all the Document Type: boxes.

The search results will display at the bottom of the window.

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