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Strange BCC behavior


Strange BCC behavior

Our email system is Groupwise V12.  Some of our users often use BCC addresses when sending their email messages.  When they catalog their messages in TRIM, they want to be able to see who they blind-copied.  Interestingly, one user's BCC addresses seem to be listed, but those of others do not!  There are subtle differences in their actions (such as cataloging from the Inbox vs cataloging from the Sent Items folder.  It seems, to me, that the BCC information attached to the mail object in the Sent Items folder should retain all of its BCC information.  In fact, when using the GroupWise client, one can see all of the BCC addresses listed. But after registering the message into TRIM, only some of the BCCs appear in on the Headers tab of the viewer.  A second observation is that the BCC information is sometimes repeated. Has anyone seen and/or understand these behaviors?


Thanks much!


Neil Summers
HPE Expert

Re: Strange BCC behavior

I don't think TRIM has ever been tested with GroupWise 2012. If you have anyone still using a supported version of GroupWise (e.g. 6, 7, 8), I suggest seeing if e-mails they catalogue display the same behaviour. TRIMSPEC.pdf provided with your version of TRIM lists all supported e-mail applications.


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Re: Strange BCC behavior



Embarrassed not to think of that!  Thanks for the suggestion.  So, I did try it on a system with GroupWise Version 8.  The results were the same - no BCC for the external domain address.


By the way, GroupWise version 12 and TRIM integration is otherwise working well for us so far.



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