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MS Outlook 2010 Error Message When Saving an Email Into TRIM

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MS Outlook 2010 Error Message When Saving an Email Into TRIM



I have a customer who is trying to save an email into TRIM and is randomly receiving the following message:


"TRIM Workgroup Connection


A request to the HP TRIM Workgroup Server ‘servername’ failed.


Function request (Get next unique row identifier (GetNextUri64)) for HP TRIM Workgroup Server ‘servername’ failed. Detected multiple threads accessing the same database object simultaneously."


I managed to find a case in the Self Solve section with this exact message but no resolution.  Apart from a connection issue, does anyone know what might be the cause?


Environment is:

MS Outlook 2010

Windows 7

HP TRIM 7.1.1150



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Re: MS Outlook 2010 Error Message When Saving an Email Into TRIM

Hi Kylie,


It is very hard to answer this question but it does sound like a general error when teh connection to the TRIM Workgroup server can't be made.  Also the error medssages seem to conflict eachotehr a little causing more confusion.


In essence it looks like there might have been an issue with the provision of teh next available URI from the database.


Have you recently upgraded from a previous TRIM version?  In TRIM 7 the Office integraton was redeveloped and we have seen an instance where after the upgrade both the old Outlook Add-in and the new Outlook Add-in were both present and caused all sorts of issues.


Can you check the registry on the users machine to see if there might be references to two integrations?  I think it is in one of teh two following areas:

1) HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins

2) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins


Hopefully that works.

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