Dragging from TRIM to Outlook

Shelley McMenam
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Dragging from TRIM to Outlook

Hi All


We have recently upgraded from 6.24 to one TRIM user has come across the following issue and they appear to be the only person with this issue.  Dragging an electronic document from TRIM to a new outgoing Outlook message would in 6.24 attach the document as an attachment, in this particular user is no longer able to do this.  Her settings have not changed, and her computer has not changed, it was working up until lunchtime yesterday and when she came back it no longer worked.  Does anyone have any ideas on why this would happen?




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Re: Dragging from TRIM to Outlook

Hi Shelly, 


If it worked up until lunch time then suddenly start failing afterwards, what happened over lunch?

Did her machine reboot? Any group policy changes? And other machines changes? (Antivirus updates etc?)


Have you tried rebooting her machine?

Does she get an error message when trying to drag/drop?

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Re: Dragging from TRIM to Outlook

Drag/drop operation behavior has changed between Outlook 2003 and 2007. When it isn't working the user probably just gets the webclient/webdrawer link in the body of the e-mail.


Only when you drop the record in the Attachments field in Outlook (which only appears when there already is an attachment) will Outlook take the document into the e-mail.


Users can use the Attach records button on the HP TRIM tab in Outlook to select records and choose if they want the URL, TR5, document itself or a combination.

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Re: Dragging from TRIM to Outlook

Just a further question - if dragging from TRIM to an open Outlook email attaches the document from TRIM -  Is there a command eg drag+alt or drag+c that will attach the TRIM reference?