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Content of email plagued with the letter "B"

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Content of email plagued with the letter "B"



A user is moving emails from their sent folder to a folder for later transfer to TRIM. Once the emails are recorded into TRIM, the email populates with the letter "B". It appears that it is only after spaces between characters.


I have viewed the email through the viewer and through the "Send to > Mail Recipient" functionality with no luck.


The user is running Outlook 2010 and TRIM 7 build 1157.


Any advice would be appreciate.d.





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Re: Content of email plagued with the letter "B"

Hi Matt,


That is interesting as we reported this with HP as well in 2012 (call number 4640460033 - Issue Viewing and Printing emails from the TRIM Viewer).  In our case we had someone with Office 2003 and TRIM 7.1.1_1821 and 1828, i.e. slightly later build than yours.  In our case we also fuond that emails through Office 2010 did not appear to display the same issue in TRIM 7.1.1_1821.


We found that the non-breaking spaces in the email were causing havoc in the TRIM Viewer.  HP was able to replicate the issue but "waived" it of as a limitation with Office products.  The response was as follows: ", the issue stems from emails containing non-breaking spaces and were composed using Outlook 2003 while “Use Microsoft Office Word 2003 to edit e-mail messages” checkbox is enabled.  There are limitations for both TRIM Viewer and with Outlook Integration using Word as email editor.  As stated in the TRIM Help file, you will find limitations such not being able to view certain images or display the content’s true formatting.  If the TRIM Viewer and is not displaying the email in it’s true form then users have the option to bypass the TRIM Viewer."


Based on your experience I woudl suggest that there is an inherent problem around this with the TRIM 7.1.1 versions, Office limitation or not.


Can I suggest you try one of the following:

1) Log a call with HP and explian your situation (I suspect you will get a similar answer)

2) Try a later version of a TRIM client on one of your test PC's to see if that also exhibits the same issue


Please let us know how it went.


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Re: Content of email plagued with the letter "B"

I'm a little concerned the above post gives the incorrect impression that HP dismissed this isssue and did nothing about it...


As the customer was advised in the support case mentioned above, HP reproduced the issue with the viewer incorrectly displaying non-breaking spaces in TRIM 7.1, and hence raised a change request for it: 


QCCR2D45901:  TRIM Viewer - Incorrectly displays and prints non-breaking spaces for particular email records


Because it was rated as a low priority issue, it was decided (and agreed with the customer at the time) that it would not be fixed in TRIM 7.1 (which uses the Oracle Outside-In viewer). From HP TRIM 7.2 onwards, the Autonomy Keyview viewer is used, and this displays the non-breaking spaces correctly.


In the case where these characters are present in a VMBX e-mail, there was still an issue with the non-breaking spaces printing incorrectly in 7.2, so the abovementioned CR remained open to have this printing issue corrected in a future release. As at the time of this post, a fix has been identified but is yet to be released.



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