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Diagnostics Trouble with SSL


Diagnostics Trouble with SSL

I'd appreciate some help with a Diagnostics issue I'm having.   First, just so everyone knows, the customer's network is isolated and I won't be able to post any logfiles, configs, or anything like that.  I know that's a horrible limitation, but I'll help as much as I can to get any relevant information folks need to help me troubleshoot.


Configuration is Diagnostics Command/Mediator running as a stand-alone with a Collector running on the same server and integrated with BSM.


The problem I'm having is that when I've set Diagnostics to use SSL (connecting to the server on port 8443) and then initialize the BSM integration using the new HTTPS connection, I start getting slammed with errors in server.log as soon as I save the registration on BSM.


If I set Diags to SSL I don't get any errors until BSM connects.   Running in non-SSL on port 2006 works just fine with no errors.  I've also brought Diags up with time sync set to itself to verify it's not just an issue after the Commander is fully up and running in SSL.   In that case, I get no errors until I save the registration for Diags(port 8443) on BSM.


The error I'm getting is:

WARNING  athDispatcherHandler: IO exception processing HTTP request for POST /ext/mod_mdrv_wrap.dll?type=nonmdrv_client_handler&message_subject=trans_t&request_timeout=30 HTTP/1.1: java.io.IOException: XDRGeneric InputStream: setPos unexpected error.  pos < counter


I had some guesses as what it might have been, but I'm getting no where.   Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Re: Diagnostics Trouble with SSL


What are your Diag and BSM versions? Also, are you using a LoadBalancer in your BSM environment?
Kenneth Gonzalez
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