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vSphere 5 VEPA performance DP 7

Le Coq Manuel
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vSphere 5 VEPA performance DP 7

I just set up the backup of vSphere VEPA 5 with DP 7.0. I use an iSCSI SAN with 2 gigabytes and a D2D 2 gigabytes. The backup is done in a SAN.
The sauvegrade work properly but the flow seems limited. The backup takes only 25% of bandwidth.
Whereas if I put two job has run at the same time I get a load of 50%.
I'd like to use the maximum of my bandwidth for a single job.
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Le Coq Manuel
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Re: vSphere 5 VEPA performance DP 7

If I put several vm I get between 50% and 70% of bandwidth. Enrevanche I get up to 25% of the bandwidth on a single vm.
As we can unleash the flow for a single virtual machine?

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Re: vSphere 5 VEPA performance DP 7

You could find out if the source or the destination device is the issue here. The easy way would be to backup to a null device.

Are the D2D tape drive accessible by the same server that is used as the VEPA backup host? Does it use iSCSI of NAS for storing the data? If yes true, your 2x GbE links will be used to read and write data at the same time and cause speed degradation.

Do you use SAN based transport? If yes, you should check the multipathing software installed on backup host to see if it could be optimized. (load balancing, etc)

Some options like optimize disks and changed block tracking will effect troughput but reduce required backup size.

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