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"No such file or directory" error message

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"No such file or directory" error message

Due to a previous issue that has now been resolved, a new message is appearing during our nightly backup. Because we had a missed two days of backing up some "nice to have" files our cleanup process deleted some files that were more than a week old and now the data protector is complaining that the files can not be found.


I am not sure if the incorrect canceling of our daily incremental backup is behind this and the data protector is just trying to catch up or not but I would like to clear all these pending backups.


The documentation states that I need to remove the offending directory from the backup process but we still want to backup this particular folder going forward. Does anybody know how to make the data protector start a new clean slate for this particular folder.



Windows 2003 server version A.06.20



[Minor] From: " [/logs]"  Time: 1/14/2014 4:15:10 AM

[81:76]     /logs/web/2014/01/02/16/req304573088.http_header.txt

      Cannot perform stat(): ([2] No such file or directory) => not backed up.

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Re: "No such file or directory" error message

The message:


"Cannot perform stat(): ([2] No such file or directory) => not backed up"


can be generated for one of 2 reasons


When a Backup starts, DP does a 'treewalk' where it builds a list of files and directories to be backed up.  Then the actual backup starts.  If any of those files were deleted between the Treewalk and the Backup, you will get this warning


In your backup specification, you may have specific files indicated in the Include part of Trees/Filters, which is only accessable in the Backup Object Summary.  If you are Including a specific file even if using Wildcards such  *, and the file is not there, it can generate this warning.


If you think that it may have something to do with the lag between backups, I would think that running a Full Backup will clear this up, but, in my experience, I have never seen this warning generated for this condition


Finally, keep in mind that this is just a Warning, and, hopefully, will not keep your backups from fiishing