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omnirc file / configuration of OB2PORTRANGESPEC

Frank Andrews
Super Contributor.

omnirc file / configuration of OB2PORTRANGESPEC

I've configured the omnirc file in the past to lock down Data Protector ports to a range, but the range was a 'generous' one and not optimized or restricted too heavily to limited numbers

Heres an example of previous configuration -

1. Edit the omnirc file on the device you are backing up and add this line
2. Stop and restart the Data Protector Inet Service
3. Edit the .omnirc file on the Cell Manager and add this line
OB2PORTRANGESPEC= xMA-NET:18501-18515;xSM:20100-20189;CRS:20190-20199
4. Stop and restart service

So it has the following port totals -
xMA-NET: 14
xSM: 88
CRS: 9

At a new client we have a similar requirement to lock down the DP ports. They are currently backing up 13 servers using file system only backup, but they wish to add another 4

Is there a more optimum/tighter range we should try to lock the ports down to, in order to back up 17 servers?