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Why xomni only shows "Help" and "Exit"?

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Why xomni only shows "Help" and "Exit"?

2 Days before the instant password expired,when I issued xomni command, it only shows "Help" & "Exit" menu. Then I obtained the permanent password.
I install passwords like this:

#vi /etc/opt/omni/cell/lic.dat

then I use #omnicc -query, the output shows correctly.

But when I reissue "xomni", it still only shows "Help" & "exit" menu, No "Backup","Restore",...menus

Which steps did I miss? Thanks for your help.
Ping-Jian Xiao
Andreas Voss
Honored Contributor.

Re: Why xomni only shows "Help" and "Exit"?


this is a user permission problem.
Edit on your cell server the file:
Add the following line for each host that will access xomni GUI (including the cell server):
"root" "root" "*" "admin"
After doing this you should have all the choices when running xomni.


Joseph T. Wycko
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Why xomni only shows "Help" and "Exit"?

Your symptom may co-incide with a change in NAME RESOLUTION.

As suggested above - the key is the privilege listed for each Omniback user - but you may have the user set up as being FROM a certain PC or Workstation - that user could then NOT access Omniback from other workstations.

If name resolution has changed you may find that account information that worked in the past no longer works.

Try replacing the servername with an asterisk in the cell_info file or UX GUI - or the entry if you are using the NT graphical interface.

Look at the cell_info file

c:program filesomnibackconfigusersUserList


The format looks like this...

"comment" "username" "group-domain" server "admin"

"Joe-at-HP" "joe-hp" "*" "admin"

"Joe-at-HP" "joe-hp" "*" * "admin"

Try replacing the domain/group name and servername * and see if the symptom goes away. If so, look at name resolution changes, or CASE SENSITIVE or language or character set issues.

WARNING! - Use the * for testing - this wildcard allows something of a security whole that a hacker could exploit if they really wanted to do so.

Once you have determined that there is a name resolution or CASE or similar issue - find, and fix that issue - then you can tighten the security again to meet your needs.

Good luck.
Omniback and NT problems? double check name resolution, DNS/HOSTS...