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VE agent on SLES 11

Dirk Vandeweyer
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VE agent on SLES 11

Does anyone know if the VE agent works on SLES 11?

The cell manager is a SLES 11 system with DP 6.21. I added (push install) the VE agent to the cellserver, no errors. When I look however in the backup context, there is no entry for VMWARE backups.

When I look in the client (CM) properties, the VE agent component is not listed although the install didn't reported an error.

I then installed the VE agent onto the VCenter server. Now I have a VMWARE entry in the backup context. I want to use the cell server as backup host because this is the only server that has access to the tape devices.

The Windows GUI is used, not the Java.


Regards, Dirk.



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Re: VE agent on SLES 11

Try to push the installation again and provide installation log in ASCII format. You could run a check installation in case rpm -qa "OB2*" reports the integration to be installed correctly. Maybe the cell_info file is just not updated correctly.




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