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Upgrade from 6.11 to 7.0

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Upgrade from 6.11 to 7.0

I have DP 6.11 Cell Manger on an old compaq on Windows server 2003 (32-bit) and a Media Agent on a new Dell Server (64-bit).  I need to replace this Cell Manager Server and install DP7.0.  The new server will be DP 7.0, Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit).  I was told I cannot export the IDB since it is a different OS.  Can someone guide me to the safest quickest way to accomplish this task.  The new server will be named the same with the same IP.  Some questions are...


Do I remove DP6.11 first from all Clients and Media Agent?


Is there any way to get the information moved over like tapes/backups/custom reports/my last 5 weeks of internal database info?  My environament is simple - Two full backups once a week and incremental during the week and about 15 Clients.


Thanks in advnace for any tips on the best way to proceed.  I am not a DP expert but have been working with it for a while.



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Re: Upgrade from 6.11 to 7.0

Normally speaking, I woudl recommend that you install DP 7 on your existing cell manager, and do your upgrade.  However, a check of the DP 7 support matrix shows no support for W2003 32-bit (only 64-bit)


However, DP 6.2 is supported on 32-bit,  Therefore, this should be a multi-step operation.  Get teh 6.2 Installatio bits


INstall DP 6.2 on your existing system according to the Installation and licensing Guide for 6.2


I did not see any kind of IDB conversion involved in this upgrade.  I recommend that, at this time, you install the DP 6.21 patch bundle, available from


Run a few backups to be sure that the upgrade went successfully, then, install DP 6.2 on your new call manager.  Run a few local backups (on the cell manager system), then upgrade it to DP 7


It appears that there is no IDB conversion for this version either.  I advise that, at this time, you upgrade to the DP 7.03 patch bundle


Now, having said all of this, there is a direct upgrade path from 6.11 to 7.0.  The problem is that you are changing OS-versions at the same time


You may want to backup your 6.11 IDB onto tape, install DP 7.0 fresh on the new cell manager, create a temporary device to IMport that tape, and do the IDB restore

Once you have DP 7 installed, you can use the Client context to upgrade your clients to 7.0, if the Cell Manager hostname is not changing, thsi should be an easy task


One thing to remember, always plan as if the upgrade will fail.  Make copies of the COnfiguration files


   Program Files -> Omniback -> Config -> Server


and of the DP IDB


   Program Files -> Omniback -> db40


so that, if things don't go well, you can go back to the previous version with a minimum of downtime

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Re: Upgrade from 6.11 to 7.0

Bob_Clark - Thank you for the detailed response.  It helps give me a good path and some safety precautions.  Since I am using a whole new server the original would stay in tact if for some reason I had issues.  But good to have backups also.  Thanks again - I will be trying it in a few days!