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Upgrade DP 6.2 to DP 7

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Upgrade DP 6.2 to DP 7

Hi all!

I need to do a new install of DP (it will be DP 7).

I already have DP 6.2 intalled and runnig in my enviroment, but this server will be shutdown.

So, I need export the licence and all history and import all at the new server.

Anyone can help me with this?

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Re: Upgrade DP 6.2 to DP 7

You can find answers to most, if not all your questions in the DP 7.0 Installation and Licensing Guide


Chapter 4


You will have 60-days to get new licenses.  You will need to get new licenses for the IP address of your new server.  There is a License Move form  on your existing server





    Program Files -> Omniback -> Docs -> license_forms.txt


You will need the IP address of your new server (I would also have the IP address of your existing server, just in case) and your Order number that was used to get the original licenses


Licenses can be obtained at the web site



I recommend that you do a IDB backup onto tape before your upgrade.  Once the upgrade is done successfully, you will be resoring the Configuration files and the IDB from Tape Media


I also recommend, after a successful upgrade, but before upgrading your  clients, that you install the DP 7.03 patch bundle, available at

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Re: Upgrade DP 6.2 to DP 7

Thanks alot for your quicky response.

It helps me alot.

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Re: Upgrade DP 6.2 to DP 7

Hi guys,


I am also upgrading from DP6.2 to 7.x


Are there any complications going from a 32-bit DP 6.2 server to a 64-bit DP 7.0 Server. Should I install DP 6.x on the 64-bit server first then upgrade to 7.x?




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Re: Upgrade DP 6.2 to DP 7

When doing an upgrade like this, it should always be a two-step process.  My recommendation is to Install DP 6.2 on your new system, make sure that it works, then, upgrade to DP 7

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Re: Upgrade DP 6.2 to DP 7

Migrating from 6.20 to 7.00 is a trivial in-place upgrade.

If you move to a new Server best do an Export of the IDB (omnidbutil -writedb), copy the Export and your Config-Files to the new Server and import it there under the same DP-Release as the source. That way you have a working fallback and a clean IDB to start from.

Don't try to force it and import to a newer release, keep it two-step as Bob suggested.

If you can take over the IP that your licenses are registered to do that. Otherwise skip the lic.dat file and migrate/upgrade your licenses to the new Host/IP during the 60-day trial period.