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Strategy for Software StoreOnce Stores

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Strategy for Software StoreOnce Stores

Hi All,


I am looking for a strategy regarding Software StoreOnce.


I have walked into a environment which appears to be placing all of their backups on a single store, I don't have a great deal of experience with StoreOnce.


So the question is it better to have multiple Stores for different purposes and if so what would be a effective strategy to do so.


Lets assume the environment I am talking about is a VMware Environment, which is as IaaS "hosting" environment. We primarily backup VMs in your standard incremental and full strategies.


Do I build stores per customer so the same VMs get backed up to the same stores each time?


Do I build stores per VM OS, Red Hat to the RedHat Store - Windows 2K8r2 to the Windows 2K8r2 store?


Do I attempt to group like for like VMs?


- Windows 2K8 (DC, IIS, File and Print)

- Windows 2K8 (SQL)

- Oracle Linux DB

- Oracle Linux App


I am after some advice and if anyone has had success maximizing their Data Protector Stores.




My Environment Overview


- Cell Manager HPDP 6.21 - Windows 2K8r2 - VM

- Media Agents HPDP 6.21 - Windows 2K8r2 - HP DL380 G7 (DA SAS Shelves)


We Backup VMs for 5 Customers which have a mix of



- Oracle

- Red Hat

- Ubuntu

- Windows 2003

- Windows 2008



- Domains


- Oracle

- Web Tiers

- App Tiers




Thanks for your help






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Re: Strategy for Software StoreOnce Stores



First of all, there is a hp dp whitepaper called "HP Data Protector 7.00 Deduplication - Introducing Backup to Disk devices and deduplication" which gives a good overview. You find it here:


I suggest you cerate more than one store in the storeonce software store. Usually Stores are created for different backup types. so you would create one store for Exchange DB Backup, one store for SQL DB Backup, one store for File Backup Windows, one store for file Backup Linux. I would not configure to much stores, because best performance with one store. (white paper)


Please keep in mind the max recommended size for storeonce software store ist 20TB. I dont know how big your environment is, maybe it would be better to use a hardware box...


hope this helps


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Re: Strategy for Software StoreOnce Stores



I strongly syggest this link:


Regarding our experience, we started with Software StoreOnce almost 2 years ago. Lots of problems then, lots of debugging (we proudly feel that some of the published fixes were ment for us) but last 4-5 months have been calm (but we're still cautious regarding stoping a Store).


We use RHEL 6 only. Some physical, some virtual, almost the same. We use one store only in each StoreOnce system and 1 for each kind of data (File System, MS SQL, VMware, Exchange). Ratios get bether this way.

We keep stores small but that depends on your usage: we don't use give more than 6 TB to a Store.

We tried Windows but performance seemed worst, specially when housekeeping occurs (but as I said, we had lots of problems when we started).


We use ext4 with LVM but we always suspected that XFS would be better.


We are now testing StoreOnce Virtual Store Appliance. Very good! It uses RHEL 5, IBRIX (instead of LVM) and XFS (instead of ext4). Performance is very good, we are considering changing to it (better support, better management, more features like when copying an object from one VSA to another not beeing rehydrated).

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Re: Strategy for Software StoreOnce Stores

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Re: Strategy for Software StoreOnce Stores

Thanks for the help guys!!


@rgp99 I will be submitting the Change Controls shortly to have my StoreOnce setup similar to you post.


Thanks again guys this answers my question and give me a lot to work with.